Admins: To share your Working List with another admin

You can share titles in your Working List with another ebrary admin by saving your Working List to a bookshelf folder, then emailing or sharing that bookshelf folder with your colleague:

1. Go to your regular ebrary site and sign in to your admin-enabled personal ebrary account

2. Click on the “Search” tab, then on “LIST” to view your Working List

3. Click “Select all” to select all the titles in your Working List (or just select specific titles individually)

4. Click the “Save Selection to Bookshelf” button and follow the prompts to create a new folder to save them into

5. Go to your “Bookshelf” tab and click on the new folder to open it

6. You can then click either the button to “email the folder” or “share the folder”

  • If you “email the folder” the recipient will get a snapshot of what was in the folder when you sent it
  • If you “share the folder”, they will see the up-to-date version with any changes you might make to the contents of the folder

7. The other admin can then open the link you emailed them to view the contents of the folder

8. The other admin can sign in to their admin-enabled personal ebrary account and from their Bookshelf tab, click the “Save to Working List” button to upload the contents of the folder to their Working List