Transferring a downloaded ebook to a device

Once you’ve downloaded an ebrary document as an ebook, that downloaded ebook is only on the computer or device you downloaded it to.  However, you can manually transfer it to a different device.


I. Sign in with your Adobe ID, or create one:

1. Go to

2. Either sign in, or click “Get Adobe ID” and follow the prompts

II. Install Bluefire on your device

1. On your device, click App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android)

2. Search for “Bluefire Reader

3. Install it on your device

Or… START HERE if you’ve done the above steps before:

III. Download an ebrary book to your computer:

IV. Connect your device to your computer

V. iOS – Transfer the downloaded ebook to your device

1. Open iTunes, then from within iTunes…

2. Sync your iOS device

3. Click on the iPhone (or other) icon in the left pane

4. Click on the Apps tab and scroll down to select File Sharing

5. Click on Add

6. Go to your My Digital Editions folder

7. Select the downloaded ebook you’d like to transfer – be sure to select the .pdf file, not the .acsm file

8. Re-sync your iOS device

9. Open Bluefire on your device and view the book

V. Android – Transfer the downloaded ebook to your device

1. Copy the .acsm file from your computer to the “Bluefire“, “Imports” folder on your device

2. Open Bluefire on your device and view the book