Troubleshooting when pages of a book won’t load

Once you click “Read Online” you should see the following icons, and below them, the cover or first page of the book.

If the icons or pages don’t show, check the following:

1.  Javascript needs to be enabled on your browser

2. Certain domains and/or IPs cannot be blocked:

  • * (see below if you cannot use *)
  • eb_reader.js
  • require.min.js
or if you cannot use *, then:

If a site can only whitelist IPs, not domains, the following IPs should be whitelisted:

  • (for *
  • (for
    Note, ebrary sites in China do not use ajax, so do not need to unblock for sites in China
3. Certain ports cannot be blocked:
  • All of the above domains use standard ports 80 and 443

4. Make sure Java cache isn’t full

  • To clear your Java cache:
    • Open your computer’s Control Panel
    • From there, open “Java”
    • Under “General” tab, ” Temporary Internet Files”, click “Settings…”
    • Then click “Delete Files…”
5. Some VPNs are not compatible with ebrary
  • URL-rewriting VPNs are not compatible with ebrary
6. Don’t use VPN if using another form of remote authentication, such as:
  • proxied links
  • EZproxy SSO
  • ebrary-hosted remote access (RPA)
  • Athens
  • Shibboleth
  • Referring URL

7. In Safari, “Private Browsingdoes not work when using proxied links

8. “Accessibility Mode” causes fewer icons to be displayed.

  • This is a special setting to work with screen readers, and somehow your username may be in this mode.
  • For a screenshot showing the limited icons displayed in Accessibility Mode,  >see more
  • The team at can check your username’s settings.