Tracking user-turnaways from single-user books

Many of ebrary’s most popular books from some of our most prominent publishers are only available as single-user, whereby access is limited to one patron per copy of the book (either online or offline).  If a second patron tries to access a book that’s already in use, the Detail Page will display “Sorry this ebook is already in use”.

To address this, ebrary allows admins in the Academic Market the option of being notified of occurrences of turnaways, as well as auto-upgrading options.

Once an ebrary site is enabled for turnaway notification, the Admin librarian will see a TURNAWAYS tab in the Admin module, where they can specify the email contact to whom notifications should be sent.

These notifications occur once daily (frequency not yet adjustable) and include:

  • All titles that experienced turnaways that day, as well as the number of turnaways
    • Note that currently the turnaway numbers in these emails include all attempts to access a book that’s already in use – even the multi-clicks of an impatient user are counted.  This report will soon be updated to count only one turnaway per book, per user session.
    • Admins also have the option of running a Counter Book Report 3 for turnaways to show a more useful count of turnaways:  one turnaway per book, per user session.
      • Report data is available for dates as recent as the previous day
  • A link to view purchase options:  outright purchase of an additional single-user copy, upgrade to a multiple-user license, or initiation of a short-term loan of an additional copy of the book.

If you would like to take advantage of this feature and/or are unsure whether your site is properly configured, contact ebrary Technical Support.