Unity Reader Installation Issues

Having trouble with the Unity Reader (that is, when you try to open an ebrary book by clicking on the “ebrary reader” button)?  We recommend using QuickView instead (that is, click on a book’s cover or title to open it).

If you feel strongly about using the Unity Reader, here are some tips if you experience problems:

  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Java, at least version 7
  • Cookies need to be enabled

Error Code 102 usually means the Unity Reader was unable to connect to ebrary servers, here are some suggestions:

  • reader.ebrary.com must not be blocked on ports 80 and 443
    • This has been a common problem with sites that are using proxies
  • Make a firewall exception for the Unity Reader
  • Make sure you have write access to your home directory
    • The Unity Reader does not require admin rights for installation but it creates personalized files for users in their home directory
    • Occasionally, roaming profiles have resulted in issues with this

Error Code 30 issues or expired/invalid session errors:

  • If you are using a proxy such as a Bluecoat or Squid Proxy, ensure the proxy server does not cache-control any content from ebrary.

If you are still having trouble, visit the following diagnostic sites and send the results to us.