Admins: Usage Reports

ebrary provides:

  • Category Summary Report – Usage broken out by Primary BISAC category and subcategory
  • Site Activity Report – Summary of usage
  • Title Report – Usage by title
  • PDA Report – For current or past PDA customers
    • PDA Trigger Report – PDA/STL trigger data
    • PDA Usage Report – Usage for PDA/STL-triggered titles
  • COUNTER Reports – industry-standard reports, but they don’t fit perfectly the kind of data we collect.

Non-COUNTER reports are available for January 1, 2009 and forward.  They are not available for older dates.

COUNTER reports are available for April 1, 2013 and forward.  They are not available for older dates.

You can now report on usage that occurred as recently as the previous day – usage data is updated every night between midnight and 6 am Pacific Time.

For usage reports that list titles, only titles that had usage in that time period are listed.

Usage is collected for users accessing the ebrary site directly as well as for users accessing the ebrary site via a search in an online catalog.  Usage also includes federated search access.


Description of fields in the Title Report and the Summary Reports


  • User Sessions (now calculated the same for both these reports):  the number of times a title is opened and the user performs at least one copy, print, view (page turn), or download.  Opening a book only as far as the Detail Page is not counted.
  • Copies:  the number of times the InfoTools copy command is used
  • Prints:  the number of pages printed
  • Views: the number of page turns.  Opening a book only as far as the Detail Page is not counted.
  • Unique Documents (in the summary reports): the number of titles that were accessed.  If you run the Title Report for the same time period, the number of titles listed will be the same as the Unique Documents count.
  • Online Turnaways:  the number of times a users tries to access a single-user book that is already in use.  Only one turnaway is counted per book, per user session.
  • Chapter/Range Downloads: the  number of PDF downloads (not the number of pages downloaded)
    • Important! Once sites switch to the new reader, which most sites will have done by the end of 2014, chapter/range downloads are no longer counted separately; they are instead counted as prints.
    • Note, downloads were not available prior to November 2011
  • Full Title Downloads: number of full-document downloads through ADE
    • Note, downloads were not available prior to November 2011
  • Total Pages (in Title Report): the number of pages in the book – it is not usage related.
  • Publish Date (in Title Report): the date of the particular publication ebrary has, which can be significantly later than the date the book was originally published.



  • When viewing reports, the “HTML” option (which displays the report results in the browser) supports only 50,000 rows to be represented.
    • If your report is over 50,000 rows, it will be blank  when viewed in HTML.
    • In this case, choose either XML or Excel to view the report.