Using MarcEdit to combine separate files of MARC records

ebrary provides the option of getting your complete set of ebrary MARC records in batches of 5,000.  If you’d like, for example, 20,000 or 30,000 together in a file, you can use MarcEdit to combine them.  The steps are as follow.

Once you’ve downloaded in batches of 5,000 and you’ve unzipped the file, then:

1. Open MarcEdit, click on the Tools menu, then MARCJoin

2. Click on the icon of the folder with the green arrow on it

3. Name the file for the combined MARCs, then click Save

4. Click on the other folder to select the files to be joined


5. Select all the files to join into one, click Open


6. Click Process.

That’s it.  The combined MARCs will then be in the file you named at the beginning.