Admins: “DASH!” FAQs

DASH! stands for ‘Data Sharing Fast’.  It’s an ebrary product that empowers libraries to create, upload, and share their own PDF collections, right from their own computers.

What can I do with DASH!?

  • Use DASH! for your existing special collections, theses, and dissertations – anything in PDF that you have a legal right to distribute.  You cannot add copyrighted material to your DASH! collection unless you own the copyright.
  • Create collections of public domain content (see our H1N1 site as an example).
  • Share your collections with other institutions or publicly on the web.

Is my ebrary site eligible for DASH!?

DASH! is available without charge on ebrary sites that have a subscription collection such as Academic Complete, Government Complete, Public Library Complete, or Community College Complete.  To check whether your ebrary site is eligible for DASH!, contact

How do I request DASH!?

Request DASH! by emailing; include the URL of your ebrary site and the ebrary account username(s) of individual(s) to be your DASH! administrator(s).

What functionality do my DASH! documents have?

Titles created with DASH! are searchable alongside titles in your ebrary subscription collections and perpetual access titles using ebrary’s search tools if you use PDFs that retain text-searchable information. PDFs created from a Word document, for example, preserve the text information of the content.

Can I customize the live TOC (Table of Contents) displayed to the right of the content?

No, currently the live TOC only shows pages or page ranges (depending on length of the content).

How many documents can a library upload at once with DASH!?

Libraries are limited to 1,000 documents per day.  There is an additional limit of 300MB per upload – either 1 or multiple files.

When will documents become available on ebrary?

Customers can view uploaded documents immediately and use our rich features including InfoTools.  Documents should become searchable in as little as five minutes or at most within two hours.

Will MARC records be generated from the metadata I’ve entered?

Nope, no MARC records are generated for DASH! documents.  However ebrary’s search functions will search on the metadata you’ve entered.

Can I export the metadata I’ve created for my DASH! documents?

Yes, you can export most of the metadata fields by doing an “Advanced Search” by Collection = your DASH! collection, then click the “Export Search Results” button.  This will export a file with whatever you’ve entered in the following fields:  ISBN, Title, Author, Publisher, Published year, LC Call Number.  It will also include a link to the document on your ebrary site.